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Important Consideration

  • Inherent Redundancy
POSATEL INC Host Systems and Terminal Software is designed to create Maximum Redundancy. The following illustrates an outline of the intricate redundancy architecture in POSATEL INC systems.

  • Data Storage Redundancy
  • Communication Servers Files
  • Transaction Data Base
  • Storage Data Base
  • Full Trace Audits
  • Data Recovery from any point
  • Hardware Redundancy
  • RAID Technology
  • Multiple Servers
  • Application Routing
  • Multi-Level Redundancy (each level can do the functions of the other levels)
  • Communication Redundancy
  • Redundancy for Each Communication Type
  • Hunting
  • Fall Back
  • Security Issues

Security covers all aspects of the system including:

  • Point Of Sale
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Point To Point Secure Link
  • Distinctive Serial Protocols
    Unique Teller/Supervisor Cards
  • Security Measures & Frequency Analysis
  • Unique Supervisor/Teller User Card 
  • Network
  • Firewall
  • Authentication Procedures 
  • Random Password Assignment To Staff
  • Trigger Alarms Relevant to Changes in Pertinent Details
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

POSATEL INC has a full DR plan to ensure seamless business continuity. Included in POSATEL INC system environment is an alarm manager which is currently developed to keep a close watch on all systems and components of the network. Any failures or disruptions are immediately alarmed to the relevant personnel in charge of any such components.


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