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System Unique Features

  • PIN Stock Management

POSATEL INC Solution offers a more flexible stock management; through the POSATEL INC Servers Stock, each Telco can manage its own PIN Stock located on the Servers and control the distribution of PIN vouchers to retailers as well as giving permission to retailers to resell its PINs. Therefore, each time a retailer sells a cellular card, for example, the retailers terminal will call in to the POSATEL INC server to retrieve a PIN from its stock.

  • E-Voucher

POSATEL INC offers an E-Voucher system through which customized receipts can be printed to the customer. Telco's or other service providers can use this method to provide their customers with the appropriate PIN they are requesting. The receipt (e-voucher) printed contains all the necessary information that the customer would need to activate his mobile phone for example.

In Figure 2, an E-Voucher example is shown for a prepaid Mobile phone card; the e-voucher can be customized to contain the Telco Logo, Information about the retailer, date of expiration, instruction, the PIN and Serial Numbers, and the barcode for compatibility with barcode scanners.

  • Any Denominations Anytime

Denominations in the system are totally flexible. Neither is the system limited to use any denominations at all, by allowing the customer to select the amount of his airtime purchase. Available denominations may be changed at anytime by a desiring Network.

  • Promotional Facilities

The POSATEL INC device has flexibility of printing promotional messages.

  • Currency Flexibility

Currency symbols and the displayed or printed language may be changed and adjusted to suit the respective population.

  • Credit Status Alert

Merchants are given real-time feedback of the status of their account or credit terms.

  • Customer Messaging

Messages may be sent to customers regarding the status of the network, various competitions or winnings in draws.

  • Intelligent Suggestions

Intelligent suggests allow users of the system to maximize their profits. Such includes suggestions in accounts control, inventory management and audit controls.

  • Sophisticated Audit Trails

The audit trails include a variety of audit trail utilities across a variety of mediums such as:

  • Terminal Equipment
  • Back office System
  • Internet-Mail

The audit utilities are complex and comprehensive and would fall beyond the scope of this paper.

  • Constant Self Monitoring

The system monitors itself with regard to transaction status such that store owners or managers are always in the picture.

  • Web-base Management Tools

Another unique feature is a GUI Web-based management tool connected to the POSATEL INC System.

All POSATEL INC System users can access information through this GUI and each user has its own permissions and roles within the system of what they can do.

  • Group Management

All outlets in the system are grouped for the purposes of networks, resellers or regional managers. The grouping is multi-layered allowing for the efficient management of a variety of pyramid structures.

  • Merchant Risk Management

All transaction parameters are controlled and adjusted at real time allowing for constant control of the merchants transaction activity.


  • Capacity Management

The POSATEL INC system constantly monitors its own capacity and alarms management wherever and whenever adjustments are required.

  • Constant Reporting

The system offers constant reporting to regional managers or network administrators showing the merchants activity through the web. Reports may be customized for the specific preference of the network or the reseller.


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