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Solution Value Proposition

  • Mobile Operators

POSATEL INC s solution allows extensive cost savings over paper based system since all the PINs will be transmitted via its servers and all transactions will be handled and stored digitally. Moreover, Mobile Operators will be able to handle more efficiently their distribution of service through a secure delivery system that is digitally encrypted. And at any time, the POSATEL INC system could generate reports and details sales information (by sites, regions&) which Mobile operators could use to analyse and forecast the market demand for their services and therefore deploy more efficiently their services distribution.

  • Merchants

On the other hand, for Merchants, the POSATEL INC solution offers them the most efficient and feasible way to cut costs and losses that are due to fraud, theft, stocking and transactions processing; all services will be supplied by the POSATEL INC servers therefore zero stock management is required for the retailers and since all the PINs are stored securely and are only released through password entry and secure transactions, retailers will not experience cards theft anymore but cash flow improvement. Furthermore, retailers will have a wide variety of products without any need to be signing contracts with multiple telco companies so that they would become authorized dealers.

  • Retailers Benefits

By adopting the POSATEL INC System, retailers will generate new streams of revenues by improving productivity and customer service using electronic distribution method. And since the POSATEL INC System has a short implementation time and is easy to extend its services once deployed, retailers will expand their inventory variety and be able to fulfill all their customers needs.

  • Telcos Benefits

As for Telcos, they will be able to generate new distribution channels for their prepaid mobile services and reduce the cost of paperwork associated with dealers authorization since the POSATEL INC POS Terminals are the certified dealer. Finally, Telcos will rapidly leverage new opportunities to distribute and sell new services through the terminal network.


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