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Over the past three years through extensive research and development POSATEL-INC pre-payment system has aroused interest from across the globe and has been said to be the most advanced pre-payment system available worldwide.

Our system is versatile and flexible with the ability to offer a total solution to retailers, resellers and/or service providers. Not only does the system eliminate printing or courier charges for networks but offers additional features such:

  • High security
  • Failsafe contingencies
  • Encrypted Transmission
  • Fully Auditable  Sales
  • Dynamic Menu update
  • Process Feedback
  • Graded Feature Control
  • Back Office Billing
  • Transaction Feedback
  • Time Range Security
  • Marketing Messaging
  • Registration Facility
  • Picture Downloading
  • Custom Logos
  • Loading Instructions
  • Multi-Level  Security
  • Remote Unlocking Facility
  • Detailed Audit Trails
  • Any-Denomination-Anytime
  • No minimum orders
  • No Need for  Stock Levels
  • Loss/Shrinkage Control
  • No Administration
  • Marketing SMS Facilities
  • Scrambled Printing
  • No Stock Ordering
  • Watchdog action control
  • Additional profitable revenue stream
  • Reduced theft risk
  • Increased In-Store Footprints
  • Continuous Availability Of Vouchers
  • Reorder Quantity Feedback
  • Maximum Return On Invested Stock
  • Selling or administering of vouchers
  • Feedback for Remote Branch Control
  • Flexibility & Versatility at Point of Sale

  • Transactions maybe facilitated via:
  • Variety of Point of Sale Devices
  • Software on Computerized Tills
  • Internet

  • Communication mediums include:
  • Telephone
  • Radio
  • GSM
  • X25
  • Diginet
POSATEL INC continuously develops new products and solutions for a variety of software and hardware platforms.

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