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Company Profile

POSATEL INC views itself as a company differentiated in providing Retailer-Consumer Financial Solutions.

Such differentiation can be described as consisting of three distinct spheres, namely:

  • Transaction Processing: The movement of funds for goods or services at a point of sale. Like Prepaid services, Credit/Debit Card Transactions.
  • Information Processing: The use and analysis of consumer information. Like Risk Profiling, Loyalty programs.
  • Facilitation: The ability to provide flexible technological functionality across various hardware/software platforms. Like Point of Sale Terminals, Mobile Phones, Computerized Tills

In providing solutions at a point of sale POSATEL INC strategic objectives have been to identify the potential existing in a consumer-retailer based interaction and to actualize such potential ahead of market demand.

In this way POSATEL INC products have been developed as a Combined Applications Platform Solution (C.A.P.S). POSATEL INC currently offers the most services on a single POS device in the world including prepaid vouchers, commodity vouchers, cheque guarantee, bill-payment, Credit/Debit Cards.

One of the successful & growing products of the company has been its Prepaid Platform. This enables users to purchase prepaid products in the form of recharge vouchers to be used on mobile phones, internet or any other prepaid service. This Prepaid solution offered by the company and its subsequent demand has gained momentum with the growth of the Wirelesse Phone Industry around the world.    

The company is focused at providing value added services at a point of sale without additional hardware devices. Currently the company services thousands of retailers with a variety of products and services, further details may be obtained by contacting us. 


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