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Debit Card Usages
POSATEL INC offers the multi-use prepaid debit card and is available with private labels, such as membership cards, or as a private generic debit card and act as a powerful and flexible payment processing system other usages for card include: payroll services, corporate administration/business manager, gift card, travel card and family card.

1. PAYROLL Cards

Employer Benefits:

  • Eliminate expensive cheque production and distribution
  • Eliminate stop payments and lost cheques
  • Put your logo on your prepaid debit and extend your companies visibility
  • Distribute funds regardless of location
  • Get tracking of all card activity
  • Easy to administer

Employee Benefits:

  • Employees do not need a bank account
  • Interac, Cirrus and Maestro worldwide network compliant
  • Instant access to paycheck anywhere in the world

2. GIFT Cards

  • Gift cards are the new and more appreciated way to give in the gift certificate industry
  • We forsee the distribution of one million gift cards within the next 18 months
  • Gift card can be programmed to limit usage to one or group of merchants
  • Wonderful branding opportunity for any business
  • Extremely convenient as gift to children
  • Easy for business to control and promote loyalty programs

3. TRAVEL Cards

  • Access 24/7/365
  • Rechargeable cards from any computer and specified addresses
  • Eliminates travellers cheques
  • Several cards can be made available from same account. Ideal of family vacations
  • Direct access to account via telephone or internet
  • Superior customer service
  • Money can be loaded by family members back home or employer
  • Worry free
  • cards cannot be accessed without your PIN or password


  • Brand your business
  • Load and access money efficiently anywhere anytime
  • Pay out commissions and clients instantly
  • Get powerful tracking of all card activiviy
  • Distribute funds regardless of locations. Manage expense accounts accurately
  • Enhance client services. Create a direct link between your enterprise and cardholders
  • Independent payment solutions, no need for intermediares
  • Employees benefit from immediate accessto cash
  • Save time and money by eliminating administration
  • All advantages of a regular debit card

5. FAMILY Cards

  • Parents are informed and in control
  • gives the family the power to deposit funds, control and track spending
  • Great tool used to teach money management skills
  • Benefit from security, flexibility and independence
  • The  card is safer than carrying cash. If the card is lost the money isnt
  • Parents have peace of mind knowing that funds can be accessible 24/7/365
  • The child can use the card but under the parents supervision

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